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Pictures of L138/47:

47 seen leaving Constantine Road for the last time, now in ownership of the IBPG.

47 Seen here nearly completing its last duty for Ipswich on usual School 914 with usual Driver John at the wheel.

47 seen here at its first Rally in as withdrawn condition, North Weald 2011.

47 seen attending Showbus 2011

Seen here on Maidenhall Approach at night.

Seen here on way back from Norwich Bus Rally with W&D VR behind.

Seen here on way to Norwich Bus Rally, although acting as service 9 on Norwich Road.

Seen here at Norwich Bus Rally 2011

Seen out for a test run around Ipswich, with older blind fitted, Seen blind for a 3 to Warren Heath...

More Pictures to be added soon....




































































































































Vehicle Details:

Reg: D138 FYM
WLT 838
First Registered: August 1986
New to: London Buses Ltd (No. L138)
Chassis: Leyland Olympian
Bodywork: Eastern Coach Works
Seating: H42/26D
Acquired from: Ipswich Buses Ltd (No. 47)
Entered Preservation: 20th June 2011


New to London Transport as one of 263 Leyland Olympians built with ECW bodies this was L138 which was new in September 1986. It entered service at Plumstead garage in October 1986.

It was transferred to New Cross garage in January 1988 and then Streatham garage in November 1989.

It was re-registered WLT 838 in April 1994. It passed to London Central following the privatisation of London Transport / Buses.

By December 1997 It was re-registered back to its original plate of D138 FYM and sold to London Traveller (Metropolitan Omnibus) and used on Rail Replacement and School work.

It was sold in April 1999 to Ipswich Buses Ltd and was numbered 47 in the fleet and entered service in May 1999 still in London Traveller (Bus Link) Livery and used on the Felixstowe School Run.

In July 2000 it was refurbished into standard IB moquette at the time losing it London Transport moquette and a few other other London features like the split level entrance step. It also was repainted in Violet Park & Ride livery as a back-up vehicle for the 801 Bury Rd (although saw very little use as such, due to not being low floor) It was also named ‘Ironsides’ which was previously worn on Leyland Atlantean 14.

In April 2008 it was repainted blue to feature in the parade for the 30th Anniversary of Ipswich Town winning the FA cup at Wembley.

In August 2009, At the Suffolk Show in July, IB had a competition for children to design a new livery for one of their buses. 47 was the dedicated vehicle to take the new livery, the final product was white added onto the Blue livery. It was re-named at the same time to 'Designed by Chantelle Brame' after the competition winner.

On 17th June 2011 was 47's last day in service and after completing its usual school run (Route 914) it was withdrawn after 12 years and 2 months service with Ipswich Buses.

On 20th June 2011 saw 47 purchased for preservation by the Ipswich Bus Preservation Group.

In 2011 it attended North Weald, Norwich Bus Rally, Showbus and the Ipswich Transport Museum.

In 2012 it attended EATM 25 years since closure of ECW, Ipswich Transport Museum Model Day Running Service.

47 has had a break from being used by the IBPG in end of 2013/2014 - though it will be returning to the road in 2015!!


Here are some pictures of 47 whilst in service with IB:

Seen here with other colourful L-class stablemates

Seen here where always was parked and allocated to the 409 school contract with same driver.

Another shot of its usual position in the yard

Both these worked for Bury Rd P&R






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