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2013 News

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16th June:
  • Ipswich Buses looks to have kept hold of the Contract to run Service 98.
  • Beestons are expecting two 54 plate Optare Solo's to run the new routes they have won off Carters.

09nd June:
  • Beestons have won the 31 contract off Carters, Route to be modified cutting out the Hospital end and mixing the route with service 22 making a new service Route 39. Beestons start on the town with Route 39 on the 22nd July.
  • Ipswich Buses are feeling the pinch, they have withdrawn services 14/14A, 16 and the 22.
  • Ipswich Buses have now got the Volvo/MCV Demo, numbered 501

02nd June:
  • Beestons have a demo on loan, a Volvo B7R with MCV bodywork (BF62UYM) this to be used on the 247 during the school holidays.
  • Ipswich Buses have got an Mercedes Benz Citaro Artic on loan, this is to be evaluated for their upcoming bid to win back the Park and Ride. vehicle in question is fleetnumbered 500 and is ex Go Ahead London MAL79 (BX54UDJ). Vehicle on loan from Evobus, Coventry.

12th May:
  • Beestons latest coach has arrived, registered YJ13CVT pic here, Optare OmniDekka (YT10WKZ) has gone in part exchange.
  • Carters (LT02ZDO) that was on loan from Ensign has gone back and they have purchased another Trident to the fleet, this being (LX51FJC) this will become fleet number 450.
    A few pictures from the ITM Ipswich to Felixstowe Run can be found here
    A few changes within First in Ipswich, Olympian 34157 (P657UFB) has been withdrawn as is out of MOT, B7TL 30887 (W742DWX) came to replace.. but 32494 (AU53HKM) returned back from repair after it collided with the Garrett Anderson Centre last year a picture of the bus in the new livery on the 66 can be found here.65546 (P546RNG) has been withdrawn as also run out of MOT, 65541 (P541RNG) has moved to Northampton along with many other Scanias from First Eastern England. 65531 (R151GSF) may of moved to Northampton with 65541. Another new member here is B7RLE previously in use at Colchester 66981 (KX05MHK). First Ipswich fleetlist has been updated to show the changes.

09th Apr:
  • Ipswich OmniCitys 71 (YN56NVC) and 72 (YN56NVD) have both been repainted into current livery. 71 pic here
  • Rare working in Ipswich so far this year is step bus allocated out in place of an Fab4 dart for an afternoon, Whilst School Holidays.. many low floor deckers available but 50 used instead....bus 50 being re-united with Service 4 after many years. pic here of 50 at Broke Hall.
    Some buses that have turned up with First Ipswich are as follows: 65692 (YS03ZKM), 65691 (YS03ZKL), 65632 (V832FSC), 65676 (SN51UYK) and 69010 (AU05DMY)
    Not previously mentioned here, Beestons have acquired a couple of second hand coaches to help out for the Summer season, these are ex-Mil-ken Coaches (W208JBN) and ex-CoachChoice (T9 CCT)

07th Apr:
  • Ipswich Olympian 42 (M42EPV) has been withdrawn due to engine failure.
  • First Ipswich has recieved an influx of buses from other depots to replace the P-RNG scanias mainly, so far 65541 and 65544 has been withdrawn along with 65531. A full list of whats arrived and whats departed will be listed soon and fleetlist updated.
  • Beestons have painted both of their 51reg Beavers, (KV51KZD) and (KV51KZF) both now with a fresh coat of Blue paint.

24th Mar:
  • Carters Enviro200 (AY08EKT) has been sold to Ensign, Dart (LT02ZDG) is currently on loan from Ensign.
  • Ipswich Buses 20/21/70 have now eventually recieved Logos that were previously missing off their livery.

15th Mar:
  • Beestons (FIL 8615) and (SJI 9319) have both departed for Scrap. Beestons now proudly part of BUSK. Volvo B7TL (X179CHJ) now out of paint pic here
  • Galloway have purchased some new coaches, another Volvo 9700 and least two new Volvo/Plaxton Panther Coaches.
  • Ipswich Bus Preservation Group has added to its collection with a non-Ipswich vehicle, this being the shape of ex London L261 (D261 FUL) one of 4 Coach style L-class Olympians, this is the last one to remain with the coach seating.

03rd Mar:
  • Beestons (FJ08 FYN) which was purchased for evalution has now finished, it proved a proper member of the fleet with drivers etc but it didnt tick all boxes for their operation, this has now been sold onto Ensign bus (dealer) to enter their fleet or for onward sale.
    Purchased from Ensign at the same time is ex-Dublin Bus Volvo B7TL/Alexander ALX400 AV14, this has been re-registered (X179CHJ) It is currently in the paintshop being painted into Beestons livery, this is for sole use on the 91C Service.
  • Network Colchester have gained two B7RLEs from Fastrack services, These have been painted in the new 'SX Connection' livery for the 133 which is replacing the 'Airport by Bus' branding that the OmniCitys hold. All the 133 Omnicitys are due for disposal to Heathrow. Pictures of the new B7RLEs are found on IBP Flickr Site.
  • It has been reported that First Ipswich Dart 43488 (R688DPW) has been in service at Colchester Depot, The Darts are due for withdrawal at Ipswich, so may of been transfered or loaned.
  • Ipswich Buses 160 (J160LPV) has been withdrawn from service and sold to Suffolk Bus Preservation Group.

28th Jan:
  • Ipswich Buses 70 (YN56NVB) is the latest bus in the fleet to be repainted into standard livery. 40 (M640EPV) has now re-entered traffic after being repaired from receiving fire damage on Route 303, now seems to be allocated to 18A/454.
  • Galloway have another new Levante, (FN62CCD) this joins (FN62CCA) already operated on the 250/481 NX services.
  • Carters Titan has been returned to Travel with Hunny after being on loan, this brings back Dart (T125AUA) from TWH, although this is not in the operational fleet at present. Hertiage vehicles ex-ECOC VR (JNG 50N) and ex-ECOC Lodekka (54 CPW) are currently offered for sale on Rob Sly's website here.
  • Suffolk Passenger Transport, now in the process of re-branding their coaches as Suffolk Norse, after Norse are controlling the Suffolk County Council operational school fleet. Two Ipswich vehicles have been done soo far, unsure what will appear on the buses if anything..

6th Jan:
  • Ipswich Buses last L-class Olympian 46 (C101CHM) has been sold after Ipswich lost a couple of School contracts over the festive period. It has been sold not far after being purchased by Carters for use as fleet number 446.

3rd Jan:
  • Simonds have MCV Evoluton (YJ60GGK) on loan, seen on the 113's
  • First new arrivals, more Scania Ultralows.. these being 61528 (R116GSF) and 61538 (R129GSF) ex-First Chester. These have replaced Volvo B10BLES, 60808 which left a couple weeks back and 60807 awaiting to head back to Yarmouth Depot.

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