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Pictures of 130:

IBPG 130 Liveries

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Vehicle Details:

Reg: P130 PPV
First Registered: February 1997
New to: Ipswich Buses Ltd (1997)
Chassis: Dennis Dart SLF
Bodywork: East Lancs Spryte
Seating: B42F
Acquired from Centrebus Ltd
Acquired date: 11th July 2014



This was the first Low Floor vehicle for Ipswich!

New to Ipswich as 1 of 3 Darts in 1997, these were the first low floor vehicles for the municipal operator.

130 sneaking in on the shot of the 6 Excels when all 130-2 and 190-6 were lined up next to the Orwell Bridge for a fleet photo shoot. (c) Bryan Dickson

Details of the 3 are:

P130 PPV
Ds Dt SLF SFD322BR1TGW10713
EL B21801
IBPG 130
P131 PPV
Ds Dt SLF SFD322BR1TGW10687 
EL B21802 
Scrapped 02/13
P132 PPV
Ds Dt SLF SFD322BR1TGW10688 
EL B21803 
Scrapped 06/14

As can seen, they were bodied all together (801-3) but 130 chassis was later built than 131/2's - 130's chassis was fitted between Grey Green's P698RUL and Midland Red P316FEA.
All three were built to the 10.8m length, and to high capacity of 42 seating with buggy and wheelchair space.

These were built differently to all other East Lancs Spryte darts, as the first side window on the nearside is larger to accomodate the larger destination box which was standard to Ipswich at this time, 133/4 was delivered normal spec of ELC and only had indivdual number destination blind box on the side.

130 P130 PPV worn Easy Access Livery TRBS service 8B

These were the first of the First low floor generation buses for Ipswich, with Excels 190-6 following these. When new these carried the cream, green and dark green traditional livery. When brand new these featured the logo only, then gaining the "Superoute 88" branding for the service 87/12, later adopting the "Easy Access" branding similar to the Excels (190-6).

130 - P130PPV

130 later lost the dark green on the front and rear bumpers and was eventually repainted into the new style livery in May 2007, the last of the 3 P-PPV Darts to be painted into this livery.

130 P130PPV New Livery Constantine Road
Seen just after repaint, safety checks before going back on the road.

In the beginning of 2009 the decision was taken to dispose of extra buses that the company no longer needed, These were the P-PPV Darts (130-2) and least one X-MBJ Optare Solo (231). All three Darts sold swiftly on:
130 - Centrebus Ltd at Stevenage
131 - Trustybus at /Harlow
132 - Centrebus Ltd at Luton

Trustybus was then later taken over by Centrebus holdings and then all three were owned by the same operator, though none ever operated together at the same depot at one time and all wore slight variations of the Centrebus livery.

130 seen in use at Stevenage, often stayed on circular service 22.

In August/September 2013, 130 was transferred to Leicester after staying at Stevenage, 130 was put in use on the 54A service in direct competition with First Leicester. Later on 130 got a tidy up and was treated to an front LED screen and front repaint.

In June 2013 the IBPG enquired with Centrebus Holdings if it was possible for them to put our name against the said vehicle to save for Preservation, luckily enough for us it was and we recieved the phone call in June 2014 that it had been withdrawn (alongside other Dennis Dart SLFs) due to fleet replacement at Leicester. A month later we collected the vehicle from Leicester's Thurmaston Footpath depot.

Where we collected 130 from, Leicester Thurmaston Footpath yard.

130 - P130PPV

Seen here once back home and in our IBPG ownership and ready for work to undergo on the vehicle.

IBPG 130 Seen here repainted on a flying visit back to its old home at Constantine Road.

Since acquiring No.130, a full repaint, blind and destinations have been put back in, Tidy up of the interior has happened with thanks to 136 (T136 KPV) and 135 (T135 KPV)
IBPG would like to express our thanks to Ipswich Buses.

130 has attended the following in 2015:
Fordham Vehicle Show
Colne Valley Railway Bus Event
Canvey Island Bus Rally
ITM 50th Anniversary Event




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